Thank you for your interest in American Spirit Whiskey

After becoming friends at The University of Georgia, we (Jim Chasteen & Charlie Thompson) found we shared a common love for whiskey. From Scotch and Irish Whiskey to Bourbon and Rye, we spent a great deal of time enjoying the company of friends while searching for clarity in Aqua Vitae. These experiences led us to what seemed the only logical step – creating our own whiskey (probably better to skip the details on how we did that, although fortunately, it included a lot of trial and error).

From these modest beginnings, we created a recipe for a smooth drinking and versatile whiskey that has begun to change people’s minds about what a whiskey can be, serving as a perfect substitute for vodka and as a great introductory whiskey for folks just getting into the category.

American Spirit Whiskey is a non-distiller produced product made from our recipe in Charleston, South Carolina, that can stand on its own in a glass with a few rocks, can be used by a mixologist to create a sophisticated and complex cocktail, or can be pulled straight out of the liquor cabinet to make a great mixed drink without a bunch of fuss. 

Charlie, the learn-ed one, during his days studying law.

Charlie, the learn-ed one, during his days studying law.

If you’re a devout lover of bourbon, Scotch or other aged whiskeys, you’re in good company, because we are too. But growing up in the South, we were exposed to some of those curious concoctions that you don’t necessarily pick up at the package store, and we learned to love clear whiskey too. We hope you don't mind us sharing our adventure with you.

Drink with Character,

Charlie and Jim

Licensed Bootleggers and Founders of American Spirit Whiskey™



the white dog

Although there are quite a few products these days that market themselves as “moonshine,” many old-timers will tell you that moonshine is by definition something that’s not legal. We don’t really have an opinion on the matter, so to avoid the argument we decided to say that American Spirit Whiskey™ is made with un-aged whiskey or “white dog” instead.

You’ll notice the dog on the label to remind ASW™ drinkers that in every bottle there is contained the tradition of un-aged whiskey that pre-dates even the history of American Bourbon and Rye

Despite the best efforts of many, the White Dog has survived assault by taxation, Prohibition, the rise in popularity of the non-native species (vodka), and has even thrived as a counter-culture phenomenon. While American Spirit Whiskey™ is perfectly legal, we proudly carry on the distinguished, and yes checkered, tradition of white dog in America.