A tradition dating to Prohibition


Spirit Whiskey has been an overlooked spirit category since it was classified following Prohibition, when spirit makers blended their dwindling stocks of bourbon or rye whiskey with unaged grain neutral spirits. More recently, it’s been used by a growing number of craft and artisan distillers around the country to develop new and creative drinks not offered by the major spirits companies. 

For American Spirit Whiskey, the category of Spirit Whiskey allows us to occupy a space between neutral spirits (like gin and vodka) and more traditional whiskies (like bourbon and rye), creating a perfect whiskey for summer cocktails, a great introductory whiskey for those just getting into the category, and for anyone seeking a new flavor profile.

Here at American Spirit Whiskey, we're reviving this great American whiskey-making tradition and staking our claim in the Spirit Whiskey category. "Why?" you may ask.

Vodka is by law a colorless, odorless spirit lacking distinctive taste  and character — a big price to pay for so little substance. American Spirit Whiskey is a clear, ultra-premium spirit with the enjoyable finish vodka lacks.

American Spirit Whiskey's flavor is refreshingly sweet, with a smooth character appealing to traditional whiskey drinkers who can enjoy it neat or on the rocks. For those who enjoy mixed drinks, American Spirit Whiskey can be used to create new silver whiskey cocktails. Vodka and rum drinkers can add some character to their favorite mixed drink by substituting American Spirit Whiskey to create to create an American Screwdriver, an American Martini — well, the possibilities are endless.

So join us in enjoying some American Spirit Whiskey. It's got More Character than Your Common Vodka